Moon Manifesting Made 

Irresistibly Simple.

Harness the moon's manifesting magic.


Just Add Moon  is now exclusively 



We can't wait to offer you this 

new kind of magic starting with the January New Moon so you won't miss a beat in your Moon Manifesting and soulful self care.  

A whole new moon movement is coming.

A Purposefully Curated Experience To

Nourish Your Soul's Growth

The purpose of Just Add Moon is to demystify and make more accessible how to use the energy of the moon and food to live daily life in ease, grace and purpose in accordance with your own internal inner knowing aligned with your authentic truth. 


Why a New Moon Ritual?


Creating a regular practice of setting New Moon intentions is a meaningful way to actualize your dreams and goals into reality.


The power of writing down your intentions within a sacred ritual can not be emphasized enough. Just Add Moon was created for the soul purpose to make your monthly manifesting so simple, magical, and fun that all you have to do is add the moon (and a desire to live your best life)! 


What People are Saying

about Just Add Moon

"I think the new moon (ritual) has helped me to stay focused on exercise everyday and to maintain a calm and positive outlook. I am still working on myself (who isn't), but I definitely LOVED the experience that this box brought me! Thank you for making something so beautiful and uplifting." - Gina 


"I thought that the ritual was incredibly thorough, interactive, and fun! I felt that it provided enough guidance that any novice would easily be able to navigate this on their own. The ritual was so deeply creative and dynamic!" - Jess


"It’s simply amazing and truly a one-of-a-kind, special experience."  - Sarai